Coven of Mischief


The Coven of Mischief is an exclusive annual subscription offered by Mischief Toys. Valid for one (1) year after purchase. As a member, you’ll enjoy a mischievous experience filled with unique benefits:

  • Coven Exclusive Figure 
Opportunity to purchase at least one (1) limited-edition Mischief Toys figure that’s available only to Coven members. These collectibles are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and are sure to enchant any toy enthusiast. Please note that these are limited edition, and acquisition is not guaranteed.
  • Exclusive Merchandise
Dive into a treasure trove of Coven exclusive merchandise. From Coven t-shirts to accessories, our merchandise is designed to delight and surprise.
  • Early Access
Be the first to purchase on select figures! As a Coven member, you’ll get early access to select new releases. You must be quick, you Coven early access can sell outmembership does not guarantee acquisition.
  • Mischief Offering

Your subscription comes with a special token offering (shipped for free within the US, calculated shipping to other countries). These tokens hold hidden powers. Show them to The Coven leaders at conventions or events, and watch the mischief unfold—you’ll receive a surprise in return!

Join the Coven of Mischief and unlock a world of wonder.

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The Coven of Mischief will open next: January 2025.


Membership details

If you purchased in May of 2023, your membership will expire on June 3, 2024, and if you want re-entry, you need to re-initiate.

If you purchased in November or December of 2023, your membership will expire in January 2025 (date TBD), and if you want re-entry, you need to re-initiate in January 2025.


Membership is nontransferable and can be revoked at any time for any reason.